ActiviteitCooking together in Het Wilde Westen

Locatie Keuken Het Wilde Westen

Since August 2021, it is possible again: cooking together with your (language) buddy in community culture house Het Wilde Westen. This happens in various groups; just with women, or with a group of (young) men. There is also a mixed group. Either way; it is always fun. Tasty and varied, because the dishes come from everywhere. And you can practice Dutch too. The setup is simple. You are told in advance which - vegetarian - dish you are going to make: soup, a warm starter, pasta or rice, a salad or a dessert. You buy the ingredients together with your (language) buddy, cook with your buddy and three or four other buddy couples in Het Wilde Westen's kitchen, and eat it together at a big table in the room next door. 'It was a fun, meaningful, and sociable evening,' said a Dutch volunteer who participated with a Syrian young man. 'Shopping together, cooking and eating and meanwhile chatting in a good place. This is worth repeating.'

There are three buddy cooking evenings every month. Would you and your (language) buddy like information or to join? Then send an email to

The Wild West is a partner of Plan Einstein.

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